Songs Of Sorrow For The Hollow Of His Heart

by Inga Liljeström

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This album was previously only available at live shows. Recorded live in various lounge rooms in Australia by John Kelly. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 are featured subsequently in the album Two Dangers.


released January 1, 2012

All songs written by Inga Liljeström, except track 1, 8, 11- traditional; track 4- Inga Liljeström and Melissa Hunt; 6- Melanie Safka; 9- Cat Stevens; and 12 Inga Liljeström and Fran Cole.

Recorded live (as possible), mixed and mastered by John Kelly. Produced by John Kelly and Inga Liljeström.



all rights reserved


Inga Liljeström London, UK

I am an Australian/Finnish composer, vocalist and performer. I've also begun to experiment with film, collage, music for installations and an iPhone app, and have recently collaborated with universities in Australia and Finland in music and performance art.

Currently based in the UK.

Banner photography by Sarah Delaney. Profile image painted by Esmeralda Raven Aponte
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Track Name: Bird
my dad he fell in love with a bird
sweetest words i ever heard

fed her from the palm of his hand
and this was his first love
this was his true love

one morning she did come calling
of death she had heard through the night

so she did cover him
with fern and braken
and lay atop of him
with her black beating wing

this murder of crows
they come from below
and gather your bones
and carry you home

my dad he told this story to me
with eyes black as coal
you look just like she…
Track Name: Wooden Leg
from the boat
wooden and oared
wooden leg
anchor of stone

light us a fire
we burn once again
your pipe i smoke
you warm me again my friend

we've been afloat
on this girl for days
we crash on her rocks
violent and grazed

this can't last
this can't go on
with out hearts of stone
and our paper mast

we just go down

from the boat wooden and oared
foam in your mouth
starfish afloat
the sinking sound
cracks in my throat
we go down
we just go down

this can't last
this can't go on
with our hearts of stone
and out paper mast

i will love i will love again
not the same girl i was before
Track Name: Two Dangers
strange lights
in the trees that night
come out
anaraks and holding hands tight
we escape for a while
don’t know where you’ve been
don’t know who you’ve been seeing

between two dangers
of finding love
and losing love

it was in your steps
your movements
your courage
mouths never spoken such sweet sorrow
such sweet sadness

it breaks our bones
it breaks us open
with clothes unstitched
our hearts in bits
Track Name: Warfaring Ways
i met my love down by the sea
on a bridge he found me
his heart was full of arrows
rib cage full of sparrows

all my war wounds he did bind
i was drunk on holy wine
joan of arc heart shining clear
dressed in armour as battles near

me and my wayfaring ways
are nearly over

i am gonna run with you
i am gonna take my wounded heart
and run with you

oh my love where have you been
fighting battles never win
i’m a soldier for your love
heard the call from god above

me and my wayfaring ways
are nearly over

i surrender with a white flag
Track Name: Thistle (Squeezebox Version)
this love
i am but one of the many
who has dared
to love you most
you belong to no- one
you belong to the air
and you blow like thistles
‘round my head

i gave you arrows again
to go hunting
more fool am i to pretend
to be this stone hearted woman

your hair is dark
with the hands
of all those that have loved you
i loved them all
with you
you come to me
on a night of storms
of rain and thorns
but i’m this girl of wood and stone
flowers and bones
i am of wood and stone
flowers and bones
awkward beauty of it
you walk like a boy
unable to feel his own heart yet
so come now gather me
like gardenia
like broken things
Track Name: Ash 'N' Smoke
the smell of fire, on his clothes,
i’m wearing them to carry him home,
his high draped pants,
and shoes so worn,
oh my lover from me has gone

he was my man of the wandering eye
gave me love on the bye-and-bye
only my pretty heart he took
my autumn man of ash and smoke

he had a lover
for all the world to see
he had a lover
who took his love from me
her ribbons wild
her hair so free
on her finger
gold glistenin’

there was a fire in the hills tonight
and this fire
burnt everything in sight
i lit a match
i lit it bright
i torched the tinder
watched it light
gold glistenin’

five young men
come looking for me
they’re at my door
shot guns ready
the hill’s alight
town people woke
they found my man
of ash and smoke

the scaffold’s high
the shadows long
bury me deep for
my man is gone
my shroud be ash
embers my ring
hell has fires
gold glistenin’